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Syndicated Comics is a self-published comic book company reprinting old comic books for today's readers.

What We Do:

We search the public domain and find comic books where the copyright has expired.  We then take these comics and re-purpose them.  We change the title, we change the story and occasionally we may change some of the art.  By doing so, we are able to change the story into hopefully an enjoyable experience for the reader.

What You Can Do:

Have you ever wanted to make your own comic book?  Well no you can.  Syndicated Comics is always accepting submissions.  Any questions about submissions can be found on our SUBMISSIONS page.


As we've gone through a lot of these old comics, racist characters frequently show up.  These characters are an unfortunate reflection of how the majority of America saw these groups of people at the time. We at Syndicated Comics do not condone racism and will make sure no part of this historic racism makes it into any of our books.

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More information will be added in the upcoming weeks.